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Courses and tastings

Last year through the paper I hit a little article that went something like this: ” La Rovere Farm organizes cooking theme .” Just what I needed to break up the monotony of winter.
One lesson per month , in the evening , which included the knowledge of foods , their preparation and finally the tasting them . I introduced myself to the first lesson with the curiosity to be able to discover something new about what and how to prepare your lunches and dinners.
The hostess welcomed the whole group in a warm and pleasant by providing the entire kitchen , very well equipped, and creating an atmosphere of friendship and cordiality.
In the kitchen, as well as everything you need we have found in her teacher very prepared and available to our requests , questions or clarifications, as well as exchange of experiences that each of us brought also from previous courses. We spent pleasant evenings discussing sampling learning and improving our knowledge and skills.
Probably I will participate again this year in the kitchen because there is always something new to learn.

Thanks MariaRosa.

The cooking courses will follow an historical and traditional vein linked to the territory and the periodicity. The meetings will be:

  • Product of the season: melon and summer colors
  • The summer menu: tasty vegetables, fruit delights.
  • September recipes: sun on the table and in jar, with pumpkin as much as you like.


Head of teching: Mariarosa Lazzarini
Period of availability: from April to October
Rates: from 5,00 euro to 13,00 euro according to the selected activity.


Formative course studied for childhood school, primary and secondary school of first and second degree, structured in a flexible way and based on the elaboration degree requested from teachers.
Magic wood, what do you hide?:a course that makes the child and the boy more aware of the wood, through the country culture and philosophy.
From ground to table: the boys will be protagonist of seasonal recipes following the entire cycle of the weaving factory; from the products picking to the working and transformation in food until bringing them on the table to taste them. It’s a very important course to make known to children and boys the periodicity of the products, reappraise the farmer figure and place food into the pyramid.
My menu:cooking course articulated in four activities: food pyramid, fresh pasta, bread and pop corn, vegetables or fruits cake, brioches.

Bikes and tourism

Agriturismo La Rovere is a rest area for bicycle touring with free use of bicycle.

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